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Retail fuel prices, in real time, for the first time in Australia.

Thanks to OPIS – Oil Price Information Service – the Australian fuel industry can now gain access to daily petrol and diesel prices as they change, in real-time, at 6,500 retail sites across Australia.


Take control of the pricing cycle.

Track prices and margins for your local markets as they change. OPIS reports wholesale TGP posted prices and our market analysis includes net wholesale buying prices. Retailers can use this data to stay ahead of the competition.

Negotiate better deals and make more informed decisions, whether you work in retail, wholesale, refining, storage, real estate or another segment of the supply chain.

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Total fuel price transparency for Australia, only from OPIS

OPIS, a global leader in spot, rack (wholesale) and retail fuel pricing data and insight, is expanding its services into Australia. This makes OPIS the sole Australian information provider that can link the entire pricing supply chain.

Singapore Spot
Daily updates on key prices and trends that influence Australia’s markets

Landed Spot
Wholesale value of Singapore petrol & diesel prices at key Australia ports

TGP Wholesale
Updated daily by terminal by product by brand, with key benchmark averages

Australia Retail
6,500 actual petrol station prices, updated daily, in real-time

OPIS data and services for Australia

OPIS brings 40+ years of expertise in downstream energy products to the Australian fuel market.

Petrol and Diesel Prices and Margins

Know real-time and historical fuel prices at 6,500+ retail stations in Australia

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Australian Oil Market Price Report

Weekly report gives you full price transparency across the entire supply chain from spot to retail

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Retail Radius Report

Analyze your local fuel market

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Fuel Stations and Products List

Stay on top of station openings, closings and brand changes at each site across Australia

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Who We Help

The arrival of OPIS in Australia benefits a wide range of stakeholders. Consumers, retailers, wholesalers, investors and traders can now manage daily price risk and obtain better deals.

Discover a better way to track your retail station performance and competitors board prices

Benchmark your wholesale buying prices with OPIS Singapore and Australian Landed Spot

Understand the fuel markets, prices and trends

Make successful investments and acquisitions with OPIS benchmark pricing, retailer & site level margins data as well as relevant news

Keep your members informed on market pricing and analysis

Buy smarter using information across the wholesale fuel supply chain

Inform the public about pricing trends on a national and local level

Access real-time and historical prices and margins to incorporate into reports or analysis